Slot Overview of Katmandu X

What would you do if you found yourself in possession of not one, but two excellent games? One option is to combine multiple types of casino games, as done by ELK Studios, a studio based in Sweden. Okay, that’s a little bit various. Katmandu X is the offspring of Katmandu Gold (from Kane) and the dystopian treat Propaganda. Like a child who takes after both parents—with their eyes and their grin, for example—Kathmandu X combines the packaging of Katmandu Gold with the gameplay of Propaganda, plus a few more bits.

As with the original Katmandu Gold, Katmandu X has a striking appearance. This wintry realm isn’t usually frequented by the online gaming community, so it came as a bit of a surprise to first-time visitors. You know, a decent one. Katmandu X is visually appealing despite the normal phenomenon of repetition dulling its initial shock value; the exoticism quotient increases as symbols fall into and out of the game grid, exposing a grand pagoda-like edifice in the distance. Katmandu X is technically a slot machine with an Asian theme, however it takes players to a less well-traveled part of Asia.

The aforementioned game grid has 6 reels, each of which may display 6 symbols; however, unlike Katmandu Gold, the grid does not grow as the game progresses. The underlying arithmetic concept is extremely risky, yet it theoretically returns 95% of player investment. Not exactly a blockbuster figure, but a lot more than you’d expect given what ELK Studio has been up to recently. To benefit them. Bets ranging from 20 p/c to £/€100 can be placed, either as standard single spin (or drop) bets or as reference values for determining the X-iter cost, while the X-iter function adds five new ways to approach the game.

All wins in Katmandu X are cluster payouts, regardless of whether the matched symbols are aligned horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The avalanche mechanism sweeps up winning combinations and replaces them with a wild before filling in the remaining spaces with symbols that have fallen from above. Four carved stone emblems in blue, green, purple, and red make up the lower half of the paytable, while four animal symbols make up the upper half. There is a payout range of 0.05x to 1.5x the wager for clusters of five matching symbols, and 4x to 100x the wager for clusters of 16 or more similar symbols. We’ll see how Katmandu X may sometimes add to non-hooj numbers by pouring on the multipliers.

Slot Functions in Katmandu X

We discussed how, after a cluster victory, wild symbols might appear in Katmandu X, and we should note that these symbols can take several forms. All can stand in for the standard playing card symbols. For larger wins, multiple wilds combine into a single wild with a multiplier value. All subsequent payouts that include the wild will have their payout multiplied by this amount. When a multiplier wild connects several winning clusters, it is broken up into the individual winning clusters it links. The expanding wild is yet another kind of wild. The brand-new one causes a redrop when it bursts and destroys any nearby symbols.

Frenzied Attack

The Wild Strike feature can trigger at any time, switching out regular symbols for wilds, exploding wilds, or multiplier wilds.


Katmandu X has a global win multiplier that is applied to all winning clusters in addition to the wild multipliers already present. The overall multiplier value rises with each symbol win and each symbol blown away by exploding wilds. When a win occurs, the value of any relevant wild multipliers is applied before the total multiplier. In the base game, the cumulative multiplier is reset between spins.

Large Symbols

There are four possible sizes of pay symbols: standard (1×1), super (2×2), mega (3×3), and epic (4×4). Count the number of 1×1-sized symbols included in each large symbol. When larger symbols are redropped, they smash smaller ones. Only identical symbols, wilds, bonus symbols, and free drop symbols are not squished. When a large sign is placed at the top of a line, smaller versions of that symbol are placed below it.

Extra Round

The free drops bonus mode is activated when 3 normal bonus symbols are landed. While in this mode, the overall multiplier will remain in effect until the end of the feature. Additional free spins are awarded if the Yin and Yang symbols appear during this bonus or the Super bonus.

Extraordinary Gamble

The Super bonus game is activated when three bonus symbols appear in the main game, one of which must be a Super bonus symbol. Alternatively, the standard bonus game may be upgraded to the Super bonus game by scoring a Super bonus symbol. This one ensures that every free spin will include a Super Wild Strike, in which multiplier or exploding wild symbols replace regular icons.


The X-iter feature purchase menu has 5 options, and they are as follows:

With Bonus Hunt, you may double your winnings whenever a bonus sign falls from the sky, giving you a far better chance of winning big.

If a symbol drop results in an exploding wild symbol, your stake will be multiplied by 10 times.

Super Wild Strike: A symbol drop that results in a Super Wild Strike pays out 25 times the wager.

The normal bonus game may be purchased for 100 times the wager.

You may enter the Super Bonus game by wagering 500 times your normal stake.

Slot Judgment in Katmandu X

It was unexpected to see Katmandu X appear. Not because it’s a sequel or spinoff of Katmandu Gold; there are plenty of other Gold slot machines available and more on the way. It’s simply that it came as a bit of a shock to take off the packaging and stick it on top of what is essentially Propaganda’s gameplay engine. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised, though. Katmandu X combines the finest features of two games that are both well-made slots that were fun to review. Perhaps the grim outlook presented in Propaganda was too gloomy for some audiences. Then Katmandu X is a great replacement because it retains the core gameplay while updating it with a few additional features.

Thus, there can be no criticism of Katmandu X’s behavior. Katmandu X borrows from both the good and bad statistics of its predecessors. On the downside, it has a similar RTP to Propaganda, which is far lower than the numbers you’ll find in Katmandu Gold. On the bright side, Katmandu X has a win ceiling of 25,000 times your initial wager, much like the larger of the two preceding games. In a game of swings and roundabouts, players now have a plethora of interconnected paths from which to choose.

Do you know the expression “whole is greater than the sum of its parts”? That’s not how Katmandu X works at all. Without a question, it was fun to play, since it faithfully replicated the engaging mechanics of Propaganda in the cold, exotic setting of Katmandu Gold. Despite this, it is neither vastly superior nor inferior to the two games that inspired it. Please understand that this is not a harsh remark but rather an expression of gratitude for the superb design of the first two slots. The combination of the two games in Katmandu X was enjoyable, but the resulting hybrid didn’t quite live up to the promise of its hybridization. Still enjoyable, though.






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